Don’t Expect A Director’s Cut Of Avatar: The Way Of Water

Producer Jon Landau squashes any rumblings of an prolonged edition for the sequel.

Avatar: The Way of Water just launched in theaters 5 days in the past. But it’s not stopping human beings from thinking if James Cameron will release a director’s reduce of the sequel within the destiny. The modern-day answer: Don’t maintain your breath like Kate Winslet for the duration of filming.

Producer Jon Landau talked with Polygon recently approximately Avatar: The Way of Water and a possible director’s cut. If you did not recognise, Cameron had a few exciting ideas for a 6-hour, streaming-unique version of a film and then a everyday theatrical launch of the identical film in a Variety characteristic piece. Landau attempted to provide an explanation for the scenario and why that’s not akin to the Avatar sequel.

“I suppose Jim is seizing on opportunities for other testimonies with distinctive cuts–the idea would be that you construct a bigger, epic narrative which could remaining 6 hours, and also you pull a 2-and-a-half of-hour movie out of it,” Landau stated. Regarding The Way of Water or even Avatar 3 receiving extended variations, Landau said: “We don’t have the quantity of content material to do that.”

Keep in thoughts that Avatar: The Way of Water features lots of special effects. So growing an extended version of the movie isn’t as simple as re-inserting cutscenes. Weta FX, who Cameron has known as the excellent visible consequences enterprise inside the business, would should paintings on the ones sequences to help them seamlessly suit into the movie.

Also add in the fact that Cameron has previously stated Avatar 2 is the “worst enterprise case in film records,” and an even more pricey, longer model of the movie looks like a in addition stretch. That stated, Avatar: The Way of Water has already brought in more or less $500 million so far. That’s helped push Disney to over $4 billion in container office price ticket receipts for the 12 months.

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