How Resident Evil 4’s Parry Might Look in a Resident Evil 5 Remake

The Resident Evil franchise has long been a cornerstone of the survival horror genre, captivating players with its gripping narratives and heart-pounding gameplay. Resident Evil 4, originally released in 2005, revolutionized the series by introducing a new over-the-shoulder perspective and a more action-oriented approach. One of the standout gameplay mechanics in Resident Evil 4 was the parry system, allowing players to fend off enemies with well-timed button presses. As fans eagerly anticipate the potential remake of Resident Evil 5, there is a growing curiosity about how the iconic parry system from Resident Evil 4 might be incorporated into its successor. In this article, we delve into the possibilities of how the parry mechanic could be adapted to fit the gameplay and narrative of a Resident Evil 5 remake.

The Legacy of the Parry Mechanic

The parry mechanic in Resident Evil 4 was a game-changer. It added a layer of strategy and precision to combat, encouraging players to time their actions perfectly to counter enemy attacks. This system empowered players by giving them a means to defend themselves without expending valuable ammunition, creating a satisfying and rewarding gameplay loop. The mechanic involved pressing the action button at the right moment when an enemy lunged at the player character, Leon Kennedy. This would trigger a quick-time event, allowing players to dodge the attack and potentially perform a melee countermove. The visceral nature of these encounters amplified the tension of the game and made players feel more in control of their fate.

Adapting the Parry Mechanic for Resident Evil 5 Remake

A Resident Evil 5 remake presents an exciting opportunity to reimagine the parry mechanic for a new generation of players. While the original game took a different approach by prioritizing cooperative gameplay and a more action-heavy atmosphere, integrating the parry system could enhance the gameplay and maintain the survival horror essence that fans love.

Evolving Combat Dynamics

Resident Evil 5 featured a more action-oriented combat system compared to its predecessor, emphasizing gunplay and cooperative tactics. However, the parry mechanic could introduce a fresh layer of depth to the combat dynamics. In the remake, players could be tasked with mastering the art of timing and positioning to execute parries effectively. This would encourage players to choose their battles wisely, considering the risks and rewards of engaging in close-quarters combat.

Enemies could be designed with distinct attack patterns, requiring players to adapt their parry techniques accordingly. Some enemies might require a well-timed dodge followed by a counterattack, while others could be parried and instantly incapacitated. The incorporation of the parry mechanic could add a strategic dimension to combat, promoting a more thoughtful and measured approach to encounters.

Enhancing Survival Horror

While Resident Evil 5 leaned more toward action, a remake could reintroduce elements of survival horror that made the series iconic. By integrating the parry mechanic, players would still experience the vulnerability and tension that define the genre. The limited resources of ammunition and healing items could encourage players to rely on parries as a means of conserving supplies and overcoming challenges. This delicate balance between action and survival horror would ensure that the remake remains faithful to the spirit of the original while incorporating innovative gameplay elements.

Navigating Narrative Integration

Integrating the parry mechanic into a Resident Evil 5 remake would also necessitate careful narrative consideration. The story of Resident Evil 5 revolves around Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar as they investigate a bioterrorism threat in Africa. The incorporation of the parry mechanic could be tied to Chris and Sheva’s training, giving them an advantage over their adversaries. Perhaps the parry skill could be acquired during a pivotal moment in the storyline, symbolizing their growth as capable agents amidst the chaos.

Furthermore, the enemies themselves could be reimagined to accommodate the parry system. New enemy types with distinct attack patterns could be introduced, requiring players to adapt their parry techniques based on the situation. This narrative-driven integration would make the parry mechanic feel organic within the game world.

Modernizing the Mechanics

As the gaming landscape has evolved since the release of Resident Evil 4, the parry mechanic could receive modern enhancements to elevate the gameplay experience even further in a Resident Evil 5 remake.

Fluid Animation and Visuals

A remake would allow for improved animation quality and visual fidelity. The parry animations could be made more fluid and dynamic, intensifying the impact of successfully countering an enemy’s attack. The animations could also vary based on the player’s choice of character, adding a layer of personalization to the experience.

Combo System

Building upon the foundation of the parry system, a remake could introduce a combo system. Successfully chaining parries and counterattacks could reward players with bonuses such as increased damage or temporary invulnerability. This would encourage players to master the mechanics and experiment with different playstyles.

Environmental Interaction

Resident Evil 5’s environments could be leveraged to enhance the parry system. Players might be able to utilize objects in the environment to aid in their parries. For example, they could deflect an enemy’s attack using a nearby object, or they could perform context-specific counterattacks based on their surroundings. This environmental interaction would deepen the gameplay mechanics and encourage players to think creatively during combat encounters.


A Resident Evil 5 remake holds immense potential to reintroduce the parry mechanic from Resident Evil 4 in a way that respects the franchise’s legacy while embracing modern gaming advancements. By evolving combat dynamics, enhancing survival horror elements, and skillfully integrating the mechanic into the narrative, the remake could offer a fresh and engaging experience for both newcomers and longtime fans. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the reimagination of classic gameplay mechanics like parrying showcases the enduring appeal of the Resident Evil series and its ability to captivate players across generations.

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