Metroid Prime Remastered: Where to Go After Ice Beam

This Metroid Prime Remastered walkthrough info a direction that gamers can take from the Ice Beam to the sport’s subsequent strength-up, the Gravity Suit.

The Ice Beam is a weapon in Metroid Prime Remastered that gamers will discover within the Chozo Ruins’ Antechamber. Not only is this Beam very powerful in combat, it can also be used to open white doors. This approach that enthusiasts that have received the Ice Beam in Metroid Prime Remastered have the potential to visit a few emblem-new areas, and this walkthrough is right here to offer information at the unique areas that they must be targeting.

To observe, this guide will define a route upon which players can choose up numerous Missile Upgrades, an Energy Tank, and an Artifact, though it isn’t always the shortest route to the game’s next electricity-up. For those fans that are not interested in obtaining the ones enhancements, and plan to work on amassing Artifacts later, it is proper to take the following course after which bypass to the Frozen Pike segment beneath:

  • Backtrack to Tallon Canyon in Tallon Overworld.
  • Pass thru Root Cave and ride Magmoor Caverns East elevator.
  • Navigate to Phendrana Drifts South elevator and journey.
  • Use the Spider Ball Track after ascent to attain Frozen Pike.

Metroid Prime Remastered: After Ice Beam Walkthrough

After accumulating the Ice Beam and stopping with the aid of the Save Station that is across from the Antechamber, players ought to return to the Hall of Elders. Fans will now be capable of set off the white Morph Ball slot in this room and region a Morph Ball Bomb internal it. This motion will open a brand new course, and Metroid Prime Remastered players need to get tossed into it by the statute to grab an Energy Tank.

Players must now work their manner lower back to the Chozo Ruins’ Main Plaza with the aid of passing through the Furnace, Energy Core, Gathering Hall, Arboretum, and Ruined Fountain. Fans ought to then set their sights at the Sun Tower, which can be reached via journeying via the Ruined Nursery, Ruined Gallery, and Hive Totem. Notably, gamers will have the possibility to make a keep in Metroid Prime Remastered alongside this path, and they’re advised to take it.

Upon attaining the Sun Tower, gamers should use Missiles to ruin the War Wasp Hives that line the partitions and then consciousness on locating 4 runic symbols. For complete clarity, of these symbols are observed behind Cordite wall hangs, which may be destroyed with Super Missiles in Metroid Prime Remastered, and the other are at the room’s pillars. Once all four runic symbols had been scanned, players can use the Spider Ball Track to ascend, the use of Morph Ball jumps and Bombs as important, and reach the Sunchamber.

Players must now beat 3 of Metroid Prime Remastered‘s Chozo Ghosts, and they may be rewarded with the Artifact of Wild when the activity is accomplished. Fans can then backtrack through the Sun Tower to attain the Magmoor Caverns North elevator and descend into that fiery biome.

Magmoor Caverns

The Magmoor Caverns’ Monitor Station is the subsequent goal, and gamers need to ensure to keep along the manner. Once lovers reach this room of interest, they should climb, go the suspended bridge, and paintings their manner to the Phendrana Drifts North elevator. Players ought to navigate to the Phendrana Shorelines in this snowy stage and make some other shop.

Phendrana Drifts

It is now time to make a quick prevent in front of the Chozo Temple inside the Phendrana Shorelines. There is a Cordite wall grasp subsequent to the door that leads into this shape, which gamers need to hit with a Super Missile. Fans should then perform a scan to open a nearby pillar that contains a Spider Ball Track main to a Missile Expansion.

Players must now navigate through the Ice Ruins West, Ruined Courtyard, and Research Entrance in an effort to reach Research Lab Hydra. There is a terminal on the pinnacle of walkway on this lab, and players must hit the column to its left with a Super Missile to reveal a Missile ExpansionMetroid fanatics must then paintings through the Observatory, Control Tower, and Research Lab Aether so that you can access the Research Core.

There as an Ice Beam door at the lowest of this room, which fans have to bypass via to enter Pike Access. The Frozen Pike is on the other aspect of this hallway, and it’s far well worth noting that there may be a course leading to the Magmoor Caverns South elevator on the pinnacle of this room.

Frozen Pike

In the Frozen Pike, gamers have to use the Wave Beam door this is beneath the Pike Access route to enter Frost Cave Access. This course will take fans to the Frost Cave, and that they ought to fast dispatch the Hunter Metroid upon access. Players need to then direct their attention to the ceiling and hit the base of two Stalactites with Missiles. The Stalactite at the right will permit fanatics to get right of entry to a Save Station, which they ought to use before hiking the Stalactite on the left.

This left Stalactite leads to the Upper Edge Tunnel and ultimately Phendrana’s Edge. Here, gamers must drop into the water and use Metroid Prime Remastered‘s Wave Beam to pass through a door to the Lower Edge Tunnel. Fan need to then develop into the Hunter’s Cave, hit 3 Stalactites with Missiles, and go to the Lake Tunnel.

The Lake Tunnel can now be used to reach the Gravity Chamber, and gamers have to paintings their manner to its returned-left nook. It is on this function that enthusiasts of classic Metroid games will find their subsequent electricity-up, the Gravity Suit, in order to make it a lot less difficult to move underwater.

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