Saami Council Demands Square Enix Removes Final Fantasy 14 Far Northern Attire from Game

The Saami Council alleges that Final Fantasy 14’s new ‘Far Northern Attire’ cosmetic infringes on the Sami human beings’ cultural assets rights.

The Saami Council, a non-governmental employer targeted on promoting the rights of Sami human beings the world over, needs Square Enix dispose of Final Fantasy 14‘s these days-introduced Far Northern Attire beauty. Final Fantasy 14 is closely inspired with the aid of cultures internationally in regards to the peoples of Hydaelyn, the MMO’s placing. However, it seems Square Enix may additionally have assumed an excessive amount of and brought an excessive amount of liberty with reference to Final Fantasy 14‘s Far Northern Attire cosmetic.

The Saami Council was fashioned in 1956 to symbolize the pastimes of the indigenous peoples of Sapmi, a region including parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Now a largely urbanized demographic, like many indigenous populations the Sami are preventing to protect and promote their culture. One instance might an settlement between the Sami and Walt Disney Animation Studios to contain the Sami inside the creation of Frozen 2, each to make sure the film is appropriate and respectful of Sami subculture and to make contributions returned to Sami society.

A scenario has now come approximately because of the discharge of the Far Northern Attire cosmetics in Final Fantasy 14, which the Saami Council alleges infringes at the cultural assets rights of the Sami human beings. More in particular, the Saami Council alleges that the layout of the Far Northern Attire is “particularly damaging” due to the fact Sami garb traditions are not simply classy, but instead “carry the significance of being precise elements of Sami identification with which means, content, and context.” By making the Far Northern Attire available as a microtransaction, the Saami Council says Square Enix has “allowed their 41 million players to dress up as a Sami human beings, dress inside the Sami identification, with out our consent, and contribute to the erosion of our subculture.”

While the Saami Council says that it’s miles open to and appreciative of “right and appropriate collaborations” with enjoyment businesses, there are accurate ways to go approximately that which Square Enix has not done. As such, the Saami Council has demanded that Square Enix without delay remove the Far Northern Attire from Final Fantasy 14 and to have interaction with the Sami humans in a meaningful dialogue.

At this time, it does not seem that the Saami Council is following thru with criminal movement in opposition to Square Enix regarding the alleged violation of Sami cultural assets rights. It’s doubtful if it really is a route the Saami Council will observe. The Sami settlement with the Walt Disney Council for Frozen 2 changed into made without a criminal undertaking, following allegations of appropriation within the first Frozen movie. The Saami council is perhaps hoping for a similar result here.

Square Enix has, at this time, made no public comment concerning the Saami Council’s demand. The Far Northern Attire beauty remains to be had within the Final Fantasy 14 keep for a rate of $18. A answer that works to the benefit of the Sami human beings can with any luck be reached through the years.

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