Why Shulk and Rex Returning in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC is a Big Deal

The collection’ lore would possibly in the end come full circle with Volume 4 of the Expansion Pass for Xenoblade Chronicles three teasing the go back of Shulk and Rex.

The DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 keeps to offer players with new content consisting of the addition of its modern hero, Masha, included as part of Volume three. Along with Volume 3’s statement inside the latest Nintendo Direct, a teaser become shown for Volume four that featured new story content with main implications for the franchise. While Xenoblade Chronicles three featured a few returning characters from the previous entries, protagonists Rex and Shulk have been appreciably absent, until the trailer for Volume four showed their go back.

Fans of the Xenoblade Chronicles series will recognize Shulk from the primary access in the series as the protagonist who took down the god Zanza and reformed the world the usage of the strength of the Monado blade. Rex is also recognizable, albeit a lot extra grown up on this teaser, as he’s shown wielding the Aegis guns of Pyra and Mythra for the reason that he is their Driver as protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Given the nature of Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s world of Aionios, having both former protagonists show up together in this DLC has the capacity to deliver the collection’ lore complete circle.

The Two Protagonists’ Presence Could Give Context to Some Loose Plot Threads

The setting of Xenoblade Chronicles three is the artificial world of Aionios which became created as a failsafe while the threat of the worlds of the primary video games commenced merging into one that might ruin the character worlds within the manner. To avoid this calamity, Melia and Nia devised a plan to store statistics for all population in their authentic worlds on an ark-like supercomputer referred to as Origin that could rebuild their respective worlds, letting them separate lower back to their original state. While this occasion units the backdrop for the plot of Xenoblade Chronicles three, it means that sure characters from the Xenoblade Chronicles collection must be present somewhere within Aionios.

However, critical figures like Shulk and Rex, the heroes in their respective video games, aren’t gift within the principal storyline of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The two are simplest every alluded to by means of Nia and Melia, with the sport’s finale showing Nia preserving a image of Rex and their partners and Melia keeping Shulk’s Monado secure amongst her assets. This portrayal left gamers with simply as many questions because it did solutions as to the repute of these series icons and their relation to the occasions of Xenoblade Chronicles three.

Given the newly shown teaser for the game’s DLC, it’s exceedingly likely that this new story content will be a prequel to the events of Xenoblade Chronicles three that gives context to the function Shulk and Rex play in overarching lore of the game’s international. Volume 4 of the Expansion Pass may want to involve the Lost Numbers, who’re the decedents of the primary Ouroboros and oppose the Consuls’ control, that have a hall devoted to their founders positioned in the City. However, whilst maximum of those statues are of named characters, of them are not of the founders themselves, but of their but unnamed masters alternatively.

The statues for the masters of Founder Reid and Founder Cassini regarded acquainted to many players upon preliminary impressions. However, with the today’s teaser for the Expansion Pass Vol. Four, it become made clear that those statues are in reality Shulk and Rex given they suit precisely with the new designs for the characters. This implies that the tale DLC in Volume four should comply with the founding of the Lost Numbers and eventually offer an cause of wherein Shulk and Rex are during the events of the sport’s fundamental tale, probably tying up certainly one of Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s important mysteries left placing that might bring the trilogy complete circle.

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